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Friday, 2 October 2015

Grandpa and Grandma Holding

Has to be very early one of them 

On Grandmas Driving Licence she is called Maesie, not Mary. When she was in business designing clothes for Mature Ladies on commission , Mother thought the firm was called Broadbents of Southport. (But Mother was random here , and then said it might have been Broadstairs in the south !)Maesie was just the name she used for business . Her friend Ada Watson , who cousin Stephen and I remember visiting in Harrogate in the 60s , was a Court Milliner.
Aunty Maisie (or Maesie )Mummys oldest sister looked after Grandma until her mother died in c1958. Aunty Maisie used to embroider violets on all Grandmas blouses and nighties. She once sent us a gray beret each with daisies embroidered on them . We three girls had to wear them to(obligatory ) Sunday school. I took mine off the minute we were out of sight of the house ,and have never made my own children wear anything they loathed.(I hope!)

Mores Scans of photos I have

Ada Watson Frederick Holding Mary Holding

These can all be done up in Gimp , just quickly putting them on now for family 
Mary Holding nee Collier

Uncle Eric Holding 
Grandpa Holding in  middle

Mother Margaret Viola Bruce said that Grandpa Holding used to drive the cars around for this company as a way of showing them off to the Public. Before 1905 she thinks.See other car pics inn earlier posts 


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Holding inc Uniforms

ltr Irene , Eric and Maesie Holding 5 st Andrews Road Birkenhead

Maesie, Eric, Grandma and John Collier(USA)

Irene Holding and sister Maesie Frederica Holding 

Margaret Viola Holding my mother b1920

Uncle Eric Holding

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Aunty Maisie Holding
Margaret Mary Bruce, Christine Alice Bruce, Maisie Frederica Holding Susan Frederica Bruce, Margaret Viola Bruce nee Holding in back garden of Newlands , Saltshouse Road Hull circa 1960.

Friday, 26 March 2010

James Jefferies

James Jefferies with his Grandpa Harold Bruce